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Zaki Wahhaj


Journal Articles:-

Charitable Giving or Signalling? Voluntary Contributions by Microcredit Borrowers in Pakistan

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. February 2019. (With Mahreen Mahmud).  Link


Early Marriage, Social Networks and the Transmission of Norms

Economica. Published online August 2018. (With Niaz Asadullah).  Link

Article in VoxDev


An Economic Model of Early Marriage

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. August 2018.  Link


Intra-household Resource Allocation and Familial Ties

Journal of Development Economics. July 2017. (With Harounan Kazianga).  Link

Oxford CSAE Blog Post


Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Institutions and Public Good Provision in Indonesia 

Journal of Comparative Economics. Published online July 2016. (With Sarmistha Pal).  Link


Public Good Provision in Indian Rural Areas: The Returns to Collective Action by Microfinance Groups

World Bank Economic Review. Published online August 2015 (With Paolo Casini and Lore Vandewalle).  Link


Elite Capture Through Information Distortion

Journal of Development Economics. January 2014 (With Vincent Somville and Jean-Philippe Platteau).  Link


Repayment Incentives and the Distribution of Gains from Group Lending

Journal of Development Economics. November 2013 (With Jean-Marie Baland and Rohini Somanathan).  Link


Gender, Social Norms and Household Production in Burkina Faso

Economic Development and Cultural Change, April 2013. (With Harounan Kazianga).  Link


Microfinance and Gender Empowerment

Journal of Development Economics, September 2012. (With Thi Minh-Phuong Ngo).  Link


Modern Law as a Magnet to Reform Unfair Customs

Economic Development and Cultural Change, July 2012. (With Gani Aldashev, Imane Chaara and Jean-Philippe Platteau).  Link


Using the Law to Change the Custom­­

Journal of Development Economics, March 2012. (With Gani Aldashev, Imane Chaara and Jean-Philippe Platteau).  Link


Legal Reform in the Presence of a Living Custom: An Economic Approach

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, December 2011. (With Gani Aldashev and Jean-Philippe Platteau).  Link


Social Norms and Individual Savings in the Context of Informal Insurance

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization December 2010.  Link


Book Chapters:-


Strategic Interactions between Modern Law and Custom

Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture Volume II, 2014. (With Jean-Philippe Platteau).  Link




Can Conditional Transfers Eradicate Child Marriage?

Economic & Political Weekly February 2017. (With Sajeda Amin, Niaz Asadullah and Sara Hossain).  Link


Child Marriage Law and Freedom of Choice in Bangladesh

Economic & Political Weekly January 2016. (With Niaz Asadullah).  Link


Working Papers:-

Child Marriage Law, Gender Norms and Marriage Customs  Link

Economic Development and Institutions Working Paper Series (with Amrit Amirapu and Niaz Asadullah)


Female Seclusion from Paid Work: A Social Norm or Cultural Preference?  Link

ECARES Working Paper (with Niaz Asadullah)

  An earlier version was circulated under the title “Missing from the Market: Purdah Norm and Women’s Paid Work Participation in Bangladesh”


Marriage, Work and Migration: The Role of Infrastructure Development and Gender Norms  Link

University of Kent Discussion Paper (with Amrit Amirapu and Niaz Asadullah)


Will Urban Migrants Formally Insure their Rural Relatives?

GLO Discussion Paper (with Harounan Kazianga)  Link


Social Diversity and Bridging Identity

University of Kent Discussion Paper (with Maria Garcia-Alonso)  Link


The Effects of Risk and Ambiguity Aversion on Technology Adoption: Evidence from Aquaculture in Ghana  Link

University of Kent Discussion Paper (with Christian Crentsil and Adelina Gschwandtner)


Social Norms, Higher Order Beliefs and the Emperor’s New Clothes

ThReD (Theoretical Research in Development Economics) Working Paper  Link

    Updated version July 2017


Going to School in Purdah : Female Schooling, Mobility Norms and Madrasas in Bangladesh 

IZA Discussion Paper (with Niaz Asadullah)  Link


A Theory of Household Bargaining with Limited Commitment and Public Goods  Link

Work in Progress:-

Guilt, Esteem and Motivational Investments

(with Maitreesh Ghatak)


Cultural Persistence of Minority Groups and Marriage Practices

(with Catherine Guirkinger and Jean-Philippe Platteau)


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